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We are in a state of global trance. Even the conceptual roots of trance are tangible: over the last few months we had new experiences of " transgression ", some people developed a " fear of evil ". The events have stretched us between activity and passivity, highest attention and physical rigidity, between total focus on the here and now and evasions into dreamed distance, between ratio and rapture. At the same time, the search for trance has a long tradition: for thousands of years, humans have cultivated it and transformed it into technology. Religions, arts, militaries, sciences, and YouTubers have adopted its practices and explored its potential. As cognitive science shows, trance-like states can lead to the enhancement and formation of new neuronal networks. What trances can be created to remodel our current mental networks?


The 8th Performance Garten is looking for performative works dealing with different aspects of trance. The broadest possible readings and approaches are very much appreciated. The call is directed to young and experienced artists alike. Performative works of different artistic disciplines and medialities (e.g. video/dance/music/lecture performances) are welcome. Non-regional artists are asked to include a concept for a digital presentation of their work.

There will be an accompanying print publication for the event. The program is for free and, as far as the regulations allow, open to all. Individual artist talks, so-called TWALKS, are planned as an additional program. The participating artists are invited to design a textile edition (details tba).

The artists will be paid an expense allowance as well as fixed travel expenses for arrival and departure. Accommodation costs cannot be covered.

Apply by June 30, 2021.